Construction Update: 7/11/18

July 11, 2018

Work on Palos Verdes Drive North between Dapplegray Lane and Dapplegray Elementary School began Monday, July 9th and will continue through August 10. The eastbound lane of Palos Verdes Drive North will be closed everyday for this one-month period and the westbound lane will remain open at all times. There are clearly marked detours for eastbound traffic beginning at Crenshaw Blvd. During this closure, residents who live off of Palos Verdes Drive North between Dapplegray Lane and the entrance to Dapplegray Elementary School will be able to access their homes from the westbound lane of Palos Verdes Drive North.

Residents will continue to see construction in the Dapplegray Elementary School main driveway and parking lot, with crews digging trenches and laying pipeline. Construction crews will also continue to drop-off materials in this area. Construction on the Dapplegray Elementary School access road (Dapplegray parking lot to Palomino Ranchos Trail) is expected to begin July 16.

A small portion of residents, previously contacted by Cal Water, will have survey work begin on their property. Cal Water will be reaching out to affected property owners with specific dates and updates on anticipated construction easements.

Construction times and dates for certain portions of the project have been updated. Please refer to the updated timeline on our Map & Timeline page for the latest information.