Construction Update: 7/25/18

July 25, 2018

Work continues on schedule along Palos Verdes Drive North between Dapplegray Lane and Dapplegray Elementary School, as well in the main Dapplegray Elementary School driveway. Construction crews are working diligently to ensure this work is completed by the time school resumes. The eastbound lane closure on Palos Verdes Drive North remains in effect until approximately August 10 and the westbound lane will remain open at all times. Crews are working a double shift to finish this work and reopen the eastbound lane as soon as possible.

Work around the ballfield is expected to continue until September 26 and we are working closely with the Rolling Hills Little League to coordinate access to the field as needed. The Dapplegray Elementary School access road along the ballfield will remain closed to the public during construction and will continue to be utilized for work in the Palomino Ranchos bridle trail through the end of the year.

In order to install the new drinking water pipelines, there will be a closure of the Palominos Ranchos Bridle Trail from approximately August 7 to January 3. For a map of anticipated trail closures and available alternatives, please click here. There will also be a detour of the Landfill Loop Trail starting this week through approximately December 2019. The trail will remain open and accessible during regular hours but will be reduced in size. There will be signage clearly marking the new trail route.

For more information on upcoming work, please refer to the updated construction timeline on our Map & Timeline page.