Paving Complete in Ballfield Parking Lot // Paving Paused in Ballfield Access Road

We’re happy to share that paving of the Rolling Hills Little League ballfield parking lot is now complete. We appreciate your patience during this work and want to extend a special thank you to the Rolling Hills Little League for their continued partnership. Residents and equestrians will now have full access to the Bridle Trail along Palos Verdes Drive North, from Phillip’s Canyon Trail to Strawberry Trail, as well as the portion of the Palomino Ranchos Bridle Trail closest to the Rolling Hills Little League ballfield.

As part of the environmental monitoring required for ongoing construction, biologists discovered a nest belonging to a local species of bird near the Dapplegray Elementary/Rolling Hills Little League ballfield access road. As a result, crews were not able to pave the access road and will need to return to complete this work at a later date once there is no risk to the nest. We will complete this paving as soon as it is safe to do so. Please note that there will be a temporary closure of bridle trails and the access road when crews return to complete paving. We’ll share an update before this work happens.

Thank you for your continued patience. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.