The Palos Verdes Peninsula Water Reliability Project is a much-needed upgrade to the Peninsula’s infrastructure that preserves the quality of life for local communities by improving drinking water service reliability for everyday and emergency water needs. The five interactive videos below provide a 360-degree look at some of the work areas where crews conducted major activities, including a new pipeline tie-in/connection, trail restoration, surge tank installation, and construction of the new pump station. For the highest viewing quality, click “settings” at the bottom of the video and ensure the video quality is set to 2160s 4K. While viewing the video, you can click around to change the perspective and “look around” the work areas. A project route map and the latest construction schedule can be found here.

Pipeline tie-in at Crest Road and Crenshaw Boulevard


“Pipeline tie-ins” refer to the connecting of the new drinking water pipeline to the existing water system. Tie-ins are complex and require the support of many crew members. In this video, you will see our crews working on the tie-in at the intersection of Crest Road and Crenshaw Boulevard. As of July 2020, all major tie-ins for the project are complete!

Welding pipeline at Crest Road and Crenshaw Boulevard


As part of pipeline tie-in work, crew members must weld together the two metal portions of the pipeline by heating the surfaces to the point of melting using a blowtorch, thus sealing them. Check out this video of our crew members welding at the intersection of Crest Road and Crenshaw Boulevard.

New pump station site on Crenshaw Boulevard


The new pump station on Crenshaw Boulevard, north of Silver Spur Road, is an important part of the Peninsula’s upgraded drinking water system. This station will pump water to the top of the hill to be distributed to homes and businesses on the Peninsula and will help ensure that water can continue to flow in the event of a power outage. For a rendering of the completed pump station, click here.

Palomino Ranchos Bridle Trail (near Rolling Hills Little League ballfield)


Take a break and (virtually) stroll down the restored Palomino Ranchos Bridle Trail, between the Rolling Hills Little League ballfield and Rolling Hills Road. Crews installed more than 3,340 feet of new drinking water pipeline beneath the trail as part of project construction. This bridle trail is a favorite among equestrians in the area.

Surge tank on Montecillo Drive


In spring 2020, Cal Water installed this surge tank to help protect the Peninsula’s drinking water system in the event of unexpected pressure surges caused by power outages or emergencies. This 25,000-gallon surge tank on Montecillo Drive is the largest surge tank in all of Cal Water’s service areas!